Hong Thai Shin Co.,Ltd. has been founded in Thailand on November 5, 1992 with an initial registered capital of 6,000,000 Baht under administration of over 20 years longstanding experienced Taiwan company and about 17 years in Thailand, we have been recognized as a leading company in metal quenching industry.

     The company has been granted an operation license No. Jor. 3-1005-2/45 Sor.Por., aiming to operate the undertaking of metal quenching area like tin, anodizing, and chemical film to various industries, for examples, electronic, chemical, computer, decorating materials industry.  With modern machines and advance technology from Taiwan, quenching  technology has been streamlined continuously, including utilization of 60% quality materials imported from Taiwan.  In addition to quality control process that has been carried out in accordance with standard requirement; our sample products have met the customer's specific demand. The color thickness and work piece have been measured by the Electro Physik to ensure the accuracy of the outputs that correspond to the width and thickness requirement.  In addition to metal quenching mentioned above, the Hong Thai Shin Co.,Ltd. also has cooperatively worked together with other areas of quenching such as chromium, nickel, zinc and art comp chromium.


     The Hong Thai Shin provides the quality control system corresponding to product samples. Our major customers are based in Thailand country.  We strive to develop the product manufacture that is comparable to the international standard ISO 9000: 2000 since September 11, 2008  and we are certified by Certificate International (UK) Ltd. under version ISO9001 : 2015 on April  10, 2018.  Certificate No. CN/10203 has been developed with the exception in Clause 8.3 Design and development has been emphasized to make sure the personnel staffs acquire the extensive understanding of the quality policy. The company has designated the quality policy which the announcement and communication has been posted in anywhere.
     Our quality polity includes the excellence in Best Quality, Delivery in time, Best Service and Continual development these have been communicated throughout the organization. Moreover, adaption shall be made to match the changeable business cycle, and quality revision has been conducted on periodical basis to ensure the effectiveness of the performance procedures and management review. Also, the company is aware of the fine workplace environment and environmental conservation by providing the water treatment system, processing the use of water and treatment for the maximum efficacy.


1. We value both internal and external customers to meet their optimal satisfactory need as customer’s highest satisfaction is our aim.
2. We provide the management system based on concept “plan-do-check-action” to ensure of the continuous development.
3. We emphasize the quality management to ensure that our products are in accordance with the customer’s need and specification requirement.
4. We are always valid to the ISO 9001.


1. Improve individual employee's performance and capability in the organization.
2. Improve and develop the work procedure continually.
3. To meet customer's need in fast and appropriate manner.
4. To guarantee quenching that is devoid of hazardous and contaminated substances.

1. Operate the business in the safety manner and without harming life and health being, and provide the possible accident prevention standard.
2. Improve and maintain the corporate social responsibility in order to be supported by local labors and avoid the sequential issues of labor.
3. Develop and improve knowledge and technology to leverage the business opportunity in the ongoing business groups and make difference in service delivery.

1. Perform duty and responsibility in full capacity to minimize the adverse effect of environment.
2. Improve and develop the continuous pollution management.
3. Provide the employees with knowledge in conscious awareness of community environment significance.


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