Hong Thai Shin Co.,Ltd. has been founded in Thailand on November 5, 1992 with an initial registered capital of 4,000,000 Baht under administration of over 20 years longstanding experienced Taiwan company and about 32 years in Thailand, we have been recognized as a leading company in metal quenching industry.

    The company granted a license to operate a factory in the category of plating No. Jor.3-100(5)-2/45 Sor.Por., to operate a service business of providing metal plating in the category of tin, anodizing and metal washing in many groups of industries such as electronics industry, chemical industry, computer industry or industry regarding of decorative materials with modern machinery from Taiwan, plating technology that continuous development including using of quality raw materials which 90% being bought from Taiwan’s supplier in Thailand. There is quality control to ensure that the standards are consistent with the product samples and the major customer groups being in Thailand.   The company wants to develop the production process in order to meet international standards and therefore entered into the quality management system which has the scope of preparing a quality management system from UKAS as ISO 9000:2008 since September-1- 2008, ISO 9001:2008 since November-1-2010 and ISO 9001:2015 since April-10-2018.  At the present, we certified ISO 9001:2015 from G. Certification since January-7-2019.  The quality management system of us is except the requirement number 8.3 “design and development”.

 Principle of the company's quality management system

Quality Policies

“The best quality, Delivery in time, Best service, Continuous development”

The company promises to
1.Give importance to both internal and external stakeholders in order to be able to fully respond to the needs of all parts which has the ultimate purpose is consistent satisfaction.
2.Emphasize the managing for process based on principles of Plan–Do–Check–Act, to achieve continuous development.
3.Give priority to quality management in order to granted products that meet the needs or requirements from customers.
4.Normative reference; ISO 9001: 2015
5.Standard application; ISO 9001: 2015


1.Will be a metal plating factory that is dryness, cleanness, and safety, being friendly with environmentally and communities in Samut Prakan Province always.
2.Will be a metal plating factory that strictly follows the standards of ISO9001: 2015 with 100% sincerely by the year of 2020.


1.Promote better quality of life for employees.
2.Save an environment and joint a volunteer for community development.
3.Respond customer's needs with quality service so customers will choose to use our service first.


1.Train employees to develop skills and good attitude in working and communication within the organization.
2.Having disposal of wastewater, odors, vapor, and chemical smoke as efficient.
3.Creating/participate in various activities within the community of Samutprakan Province.
4.Train employees to realize the benefits of the quality system ISO9001: 2015.



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