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Tin Quenching

          For electricity-purposed tin quenching, its thickness can be up to 6.5 – 10 micron for barrel and 9.5 – 10 micron for rack.  The quenched materials include copper, brass, lead, iron and aluminum - under plated by Copper or Nickel which is depend on customer requirement. 

We offer two types of tin plating: gross and callous. The different quenching methods make the pieces of work different depending on chemicals and solution. 

          1. Grossly Tin Plaiting
               Advantages :      Silver-colored, fine, clearer, dust-resistant, finger stain -resistant, 
                                       (not blackish when being touched), cheaper
               Disadvantages :   Stronger odor and lesser heat endurable 

          2. Callous Tin Plating
               Advantages :      Better effective with dipped tin and connection work where high
                                       temperature is required, no odor, callously silver-colored.
               Disadvantages :   Become blackish and stained easily when touched, more expensive

Tin Quenching

Mat. "Copper" before plating

 Mat. "Copper" after Bright Tin plating

 Mat. "Zinc" before plating

 Mat. "Zinc"  after Bright Tin plating


Mat. "Brass" before plating

Mat. "Brass" after Bright Tin plating


 Mat. "Copper" after Bright Tin plating

 Mat. "Steel" after Bright Tin plating


Mat. "Copper" before plating

  Mat. "Copper" after Bright Tin plating


 Mat. "Steel" after Matte Tin plating

Mat. "Brass" ater Matte Tin Plating
 Metal after Tin plating (Aspect)  



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